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missalonso's Journal

28 September
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sweet like candy to my soul

❁The Girl - Part 1❁
Hello and Welcome
My Name is Marion, I'm 32 years old and I live in Stuttgart/ Germany - together with my boyfriend and our hamsterboy 'The Doctor'.
My LJ is Friends only
Bilder hochladenMade by missalonso aka me
My Graphicposts and in the near future my writingposts are open. Feel free and leave shorts Feedback under the open Posts. Thank you :)
You can see..I support Real Madrid *yay*, but I love other teams too like the Real Madrid Castilla.
Bilder hochladen
Morata ♥

Bilder hochladen
Sarabia ♥

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
Jese with a touch of Nacho ♥

Bilder hochladen
Selu ♥

Bilder hochladen
Nacho ♥

~ All gifs are made by albion_lass ~

Other Teams
♥ Liverpool FC
♥ VfB Stuttgart
♥ Arsenal London
♥ Manchester United
♥ Benfica Lisbon

❁The Girl - Part 2❁
Okay have other fandoms too - don't worry ;)
These are...
Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Third Watch, Star Wars, The Tudors

My Hobbies...
reading books, meeting friends, twitter/facebook, making graphics, long walks in the park, cooking, reading good fan fics and many more ♥

Facebook (:
Feel free and add me
Marion Steingraeber

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